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Help us create a frozen seafood brand collaboration that will excite younger consumers
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29 days ago
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At Gorton's Seafood, we have been delighting customers with our delicious frozen seafood products for generations. However, frozen prepared seafood has the opportunity to perform better with Millennial & Gen Z consumers. To get consumers into the frozen seafood aisle at the grocery store, we are seeking ideas for frozen seafood "mash-ups" where Gorton's can partner with another brand, influencer, or celebrity to create an offering that would be more enticing, exciting and tasty to younger consumers.

The brand partnership should be front and center in these product ideas. An example could be a Gorton's & Sam Adams beer-battered cod fillet that uses Sam Adams beer in the batter, a Heinz ketchup infused coating that adds a sweet bite, or a Lady Gaga-inspired salmon. The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see what original and innovative ideas you come up with!


Before starting your submission, please review Gorton's current list of available products HEREYour idea can build off of one of these existing products OR be something entirely new. However, the product needs to be sold as a frozen seafood offering.

1) Propose an idea for a frozen seafood product "mash-up" between Gorton's and another brand, influencer, or celebrity.

  • What type of seafood is the product made from?
  • What other ingredients/components would be included?
  • Explain how the chosen partner brand/person would feature in the product mash-up

2) Why did you choose the partner brand for your product idea?

3) Why do you think your idea would be successful with Millennial & Gen Z consumers? 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 5%
will share $500
Next 7.5%
will share $200
Next 12.5%
will share $100
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$100.00 Square pic 60 eu 1 Universidade Estácio de Sá
$100.00 Square pic 60 matthew gaiser calgary bow headshot  1 Queen's University
$100.00 Square pic 60 me 2 Nottingham
$100.00 J University of Santo Tomas
$100.00 Square pic 60 retrolga University of Providence
$33.40 P RMIT University
$33.40 T University of Toronto
$33.40 P Louisiana State University in Shreveport
$33.40 M
$33.40 N
$33.40 Picture?width=160 University of Minnesota
$9.10 Square pic 60 logo attempt University of Toronto
$9.10 Square pic 60 hc profile pic University of Toronto
$9.10 Square pic 60 45179573 10156984564212122 5461310672191094784 n Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
$9.10 Square pic 60 pexels pixabay 247899 University of California, Berkeley
$9.10 Square pic 60 photo 2 Jacobs University Bremen
$9.10 S
$9.10 J
$9.10 A
$9.10 R University of Auckland
$9.10 J University of California, Los Angeles
$9.10 A
Submission questions

Does your idea build off an existing Gorton's product?


If yes, which product type did you use in your idea?

Fish sticks
Breaded fish fillet
Non-breaded fish

What is your age?