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How can we make laundry less of a hassle?
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51 months ago
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If you're reading this, you probably have at least 60 to 70 years of laundry in your future. That's a lot of sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing. It's not a stretch to say that laundry can quickly turn into an annoying, joyless hassle. For most people, it's a necessary chore. We want to make it less of a burden.

Millennials, with a lifetime of laundry ahead of them, would appreciate a laundry routine that is less complicated, more convenient, and less time consuming. Consider how the Swiffer line of products made cleaning floors so much easier than using a mop and bucket of soapy water. We want to do that for laundry. Give us your best idea, and don't be afraid to think outside the box!


Tell us how you would make laundry less of a hassle. Specifically:

  1. What's an out of the box idea for a product that will make laundry less of a hassle? Explain your idea in detail, including who it appeals to.
  2. How will your idea not just be a novelty, but something that makes laundry easier day after day and load after load? How can it be a long term solution?
  3. What is the least enjoyable aspect of doing laundry, in your opinion? How can we make that single aspect hassle-free?

NOTE: We are looking for solutions with depth, and specific insights instead of broad ones. Please don't submit ideas that already exist on the market.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
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