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QUICK SOLVE: US, UK and Canada: Help us improve the banking experience!
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NOTE: Only solvers from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada will be eligible for rewards. For each country, the top 2 solvers will receive $100 each, and the next 13 will receive $25 each.

The way today's consumers think about personal banking is changing rapidly, and that means these financial institutions must change the banking experience to keep up. We want your help rethinking the physical and digital experience of being a bank customer, special attention paid to the tools and services you use, what you like and dislike about them, and how you would take them to the next level for the bank of the future.


Answer the following in detail:

1. Introduction - Tell us about yourself! 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself (e.g., hobbies, what you do for work, etc.). Please include some information about your current financial goals / state.
  • Upload a picture of yourself.

2. Managing Finances

  • What services and tools do you use for managing your finances?
    (For example, "I use the Chase bank app for my checking account, the Capital One app for my credit card, Robinhood for investing, Coinbase for cryptocurrency, Citizens One Bank for my iPhone loan payment, etc.")
    • Which is your favorite and why?
  • Who do you get advice/help on finances from? (e.g., online research, parents, friends, books, your bank, etc.) Why?

3. Banks

  • What is your primary bank, and how long have you been with them? If your bank was a person, how would you describe the relationship between you and your bank?
  • What are the reasons that you go/would go into a physical branch for these services?
    • What do you like about being in a physical branch for these services?
    • What do you dislike about being in a physical branch?
    • When was the last time you went in a physical bank branch? (Excluding the use of an ATM), and what was the reason for the visit?
  • How do you decide to go to a physical bank branch / use online banking / app?

4. The Future

  • Describe your ideal bank branch of the future! What services does it offer? Why are these services important to you? (Use your imagination - everything is possible)

Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Completes all questions / requirements
  • Creativity
  • Level of detail
Submission questions

What is your full legal name? Include your first, middle, and last name.


Where do you currently reside? Include city, state, and country.


Do you hold a Director or Officer position, or are you a Significant Shareholder, at any public or private company?


If you answered yes to the previous question, provide the full legal name for each company and its country of domicile.

What is your age?


Where do you bank? (e.g., Bank of America, Chase, etc.)


What accounts do you have at that bank? (e.g., checking, savings, mortgage, etc.)


What banking services do you use? (e.g., mobile app, website, ATMs, physical bank branch, etc.)


How frequently do you go into physical bank branches?

More than once a week
2-3 times per month
A few times per year

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