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QUICK-SOLVE: How can we optimize the future of work?
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40 months ago
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The future of work is happening! Changes in companies’ approach to hiring and training, technology advancements (big data, IoT, etc), various types of employment (freelancers, crowdsourcing) longer lifespans, increase in remote work, accessible AI and robotics, changing political policies, universal income, growth of start-ups etc.

 As a result companies need to consider how to best prepare for and capitalize on the change in how work will get done in the future. What solutions can you think of that will help employers better find and hire the right talent, use different types of employment structures, or help employees get work done more effectively and better prepare for the changing nature of work?

  1. Provide a description of a product or solution that will help organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies adapt to and embrace changes in the Future of Work.   
  2. Include the biggest impact areas for this product or solution (these could be the type of industry or the job position across the employment lifecycle that is most impacted).
  3. Include potential barriers to implement this product or solution.
  4. Get creative! No solution is too crazy or com