Apply Gamification to Finance

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) serves 18 million clients across 51 different countries. Like a traditional bank, RBC's services include checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans, etc.

We would like your help in identifying ways Gamification principles could be used to innovate, help us relook at our existing products and processes, and serve our customers better.

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Consider products/services that have elements of gamification. We encourage you to explore all industries and geographies, not just financial services. Then submit the following:

1. FEATURE - Describe a gamification feature that has impressed you or worked well someplace else. How does it work?
2. IMPACT - Explain what behaviors or outcomes result from this feature.
3. EXAMPLES - Share 1-3 examples of products or services where this feature has been used successfully (reference any sources).
4. BONUS - Make a guess as to where RBC could use this feature (a few tips below). Extra points for any mockups, sketches, rough prototypes, or screenshots that bring your feature/idea to life!
5. CONTRIBUTIONS - If applicable, list the name and contact number for anyone who has contributed to this solution.

Your solution can be entered in the text field or attached as a PDF file (1500 word limit). Potential venues for gamification include retail banking, wealth management, insurance, financial literacy & learning, and many more! Features might improve client retention, engagement, understanding, or other elements of the customer experience.

Judging Criteria
Meets Deliverables - Answers each of the sections directly. If the solution meets the deliverables it may earn a maximum of 5 points.
Clarity - If the solution demonstrates clear thoughts with good structure it may earn a maximum of 5 points.
Novelty - If the solution is a truly unique idea it may earn a bonus of up to 4 points.
Application to RBC - Solutions that relate directly to core banking functions may earn a bonus of 4 points

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