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Can you gamify retirement savings for today's workforce?
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49 months ago
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Thanks to a number of factors, today's workforce--from new hires in their 20s all the way to those about to retire--tends to be finance conscious. While many financial plans have focused on creatively paying off current debt, few have taken an equally creative approach to saving for retirement. 

One novel approach we want to consider is gamification, or the use of game-like elements and features in non-game settings to improve user engagement or adoption. Potential game aspects include point scoring, achievement, leveling up, competition, and more. 

The goal is to use gamification in a novel, fun, and interesting way that will encourage more workers to start saving for retirement, save more, and contribute to their retirement more regularly. 


Gamify retirement saving for people currently in the workforce. Specifically, include the following in your response:

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