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Give our new snack line a global feel
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59 months ago
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Imagine an intrepid traveler who visits different parts of the world and finds delicious new taste sensations during the journey. He or she brings these experiences back home after each excursion to create a line of premium quality, great tasting snacks. These snacks capture the sense of fun and adventure that comes with trying new places and eating new cuisines. This brand of snacks is worldly, but approachable, accessible, and down to earth. Just recently, three new types of snacks have been discovered:

  • Risotto chips, an Italian rice cracker that is double-baked in small batches for a light crispy texture and seasoned with parmesan or Mediterranean sea salt and black pepper.
  • Italian popcorn, made with extra virgin olive oil and flavors like parmesan or rosemary and herbs.
  • Tropical banana chips, made from freshly harvested bananas, cut into thin slices, and cooked to a golden brown. Once they’re perfectly crunchy, they’re seasoned with a blend of bold spices, like salt and vinegar or hickory smoked barbecue.