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Tell us what you think about some cuisines from around the globe and how they can become even better for your tastebuds
Challenge Type: ideation
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We live in a world filled with diverse and delicious cuisines from regions all over the planet. The rise in globalization, travel, immigration, and other factors has made it possible to experience and enjoy these different cuisines, despite not actually living in the geography where the cuisine originates. The Internet and social media platforms have also made it incredibly easy to learn about global cuisines, ingredients, and recipes without even leaving the comfort of your home!

We are interested in hearing about your feelings and preferences for different types of international cuisines to help us create more products that you will love.

  1. How do you learn about different world cuisines?

    • Which online platforms do you use the most for this purpose?
    • What sources do you trust the most when learning about global cuisines?
    • Where do you most often try new cuisines? (ex. recipes, restaurants, friends' homes, etc.)
  2. What would you rank as your favorite AND least favorite global cuisines? 

    • What do you like about your favorites?
    • What do you NOT like about your least favorites?
    • What cuisine do you think will grow in popularity, and why? 
  3. Propose an idea for how you could enjoy your favorite global cuisines even more. Be creative and think about what would truly delight your taste buds!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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