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What health benefits do you expect from dry dog food?
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13 months ago
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If you've ever shopped for dog food, you've seen the vast array of available options as well as the many health benefits that dog foods claim to provide!   As a leading pet food company, we want to know what you are truly looking for when it comes to the health benefits that a dry dog food offers.  Which health benefit claims do you truly believe in, and which ones make the biggest different in the dog food you choose to buy?


Tell us how your dog's health informs the dry dog food choices you make by answering the following: 

  1. What signs do you look for to evaluate if your dog is healthy or not? (think of physical signs, behavior patterns, actions like eating/drinking, etc.)
  2. What health benefits do you naturally associate with certain dog food qualities/properties?  (for ex: you might assume that protein-packed dog food will help your dog with weight maintenance and muscle mass)
  3. In general, what health benefits do you truly believe dry dog food can provide? (Ex: you might believe smaller kibbles are better for oral health but not believe the claim that dog food can increase your pet's energy levels)
  4. Which health benefits influence your decision to buy a certain dog food?  Why are these important to you? 
  5. What visual signs from the dry dog food itself (the actual kibbles) reassures you that the product is healthy?  
  6. How do you tell if your dog has healthy digestion?

Considerations: Please be sure to distinguish if any one of the health benefits you describe relate to a particular type of dog (breed, age, size, etc.) 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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Submission questions

Do you own a dog?

Yes I own a dog
I used to own a dog
No I do not own a dog

If applicable, what size dog(s) do you own? Select all that apply. 

Toy (10 lbs. or less)
Small (11 to 25 lbs.)
Medium/Small (26 - 35 lbs.)
Medium/Large (36 - 55 lbs.)
Large (56 - 99 lbs.)
Giant (100 lbs. or more)

What brand(s) of dry food do you feed your dog?  Please select all that apply.

Blue Buffalo
Dog Chow (Purina)
Kibbles 'n Bits
Natural Balance
Nature's Recipe
Nutrish (Rachael Ray)
Ol' Roy
One (Purina)
Pro Plan (Purina)
Royal Canin
Private Label / Store Brand
Other Brands
Not Applicable
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