What health benefits do you expect from dry cat food?
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We are a trusted pet food company interested in your expectations for dry cat food.    We know you want to keep your feline friends happy and healthy, but to what extent do you choose a cat food based on the health benefits it provides...or claims to provide?   Amidst the many potential health benefits of dry cat foods, which ones are most compelling to you?  


Tell us how your cat's health informs the dry cat food choices you make by answering the following:

  1. What signs do you look for to evaluate if your cat is healthy or not?  (think of physical signs, behavior patterns, actions like eating/drinking, etc.)
  2. What health benefits do you naturally associate with certain cat food qualities/properties?   (for ex: you might assume that high protein cat food will help your cat with weight maintenance and muscle mass)
  3. In general, what health benefits do you truly believe dry cat food can provide?  (Ex: you might believe smaller kibbles are better for oral health but not believe the claim that cat food increases your pet's energy levels)
  4. Which health benefits influence your decision to buy a certain cat food?  Why are these important to you? 
  5. What visual signals from the dry cat food itself (the actual kibbles) reassures you that the product is healthy?
  6. How do you tell if your cat has healthy digestion?

Considerations: Please be sure to distinguish if any of the health benefits you describe relate to a particular type of cat (breed, indoor vs. outdoor, older cat, etc.)

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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  • Clarity
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What brand of food do you feed your cat?  Please select all that apply.

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