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Help us build a patient-centric healthcare app!
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23 months ago
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Today, more than ever, we see how many aspects of our lives can benefit from technology. It seems we have an app on our phones for everything from ordering food and getting a ride to buying used goods and searching for a new house. So, why isn't our access to healthcare just as simple? 

We want to develop an app that enables patients to interact  with their healthcare system and healthcare providers easily and conveniently.  This app will allow patients to access the personalized care they need to maintain wellness, obtain treatment during times of illness or manage ongoing conditions.

We want to hear from you! What is your great idea for a healthcare app? What should we be sure to include when building an app that focuses on the individual needs of patients?


Share you great ideas for a healthcare app. Specifically, address the following: 

  1. What does the ideal healthcare app look like to you? What needs should this app address?
  2. What features, such as, appointment scheduling, virtual visits, online bill paying, medical record management, etc. would deliver a superior digitally enabled healthcare experience?
  3. How would you translate your ideas into a functioning, user-friendly app?  What would differentiate it from other apps that may be available?
  4. What would motivate you to use this app?  What must it do or provide for you to use it when you need care?  
  5. And, what would motivate you to continue using this app?  What must it do or provide for it to be useful even when you don’t have an immediate need for care?
  6. What benefits would you expect to see from using this app?

Special Note: We want an app that not only connects patients to their healthcare physicians, but allows them access to treatment. Winning solutions will thoroughly address all of the deliverables listed above.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $500
Next 15%
will share $200
Next 25%
will share $100
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$62.50 M
$62.50 L
$62.50 S Kelley School of Business
$62.50 Square pic 60 cropped1 University of Central Florida
$62.50 Square pic 60 img 20191211 144146 3
$62.50 D
$62.50 Square pic 60 images University of South Florida
$62.50 J University of California, Los Angeles
$18.20 N
$18.20 A University of Colorado
$18.20 T University of Illinois
$18.20 Square pic 60 10 31 14 pro Walden University
$18.20 Square pic 60 headshot University of Virginia
$18.20 S College of the Holy Cross
$18.20 Square pic 60 img 1747 California Institute of Technology
$18.20 C Georgetown University
$18.20 H University of Central Florida
$18.20 Square pic 60 13 University of California at Davis
$18.20 Y Orange Coast College
$5.60 Y Stevens Institute of Technology
$5.60 Square pic 60 img 2512 Johns Hopkins University
$5.60 N University
$5.60 S
$5.60 H University of Virginia
$5.60 Square pic 60 dsc00369 University of Rochester
$5.60 Square pic 60 me George Washington University
$5.60 J University of Michigan
$5.60 Square pic 60 2 University of Florida
$5.60 Picture?width=160 Michigan State University
$5.60 Square pic 60 img 0044 square Georgia Institute of Technology
$5.60 Z Minnesota State University Moorhead
$5.60 M University of Notre Dame