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Design the Next-Generation Tablet Case

When it comes to purchasing a case for a tablet other than an iPad, customers are constantly forced to make compromises: pick a form-fit case that protects your tablet but doesn't offer much choice in color or style, or opt for a more "universal" case that suits your style but is ill-fitting or compromises using the camera or other features. Consumers often end up wasting time and energy by evaluating multiple case options before finally finding the right fit.

We want to create the next-generation tablet case that solves these frustrating issues, while emphasizing extra protection for tablets. This case should work as a universal solution for all tablets, making it a great option for all tablet owners. For additional guidance on our ambitions and requirements, check out the link below!

Next Generation Tablet Design

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Please submit your design(s) for a new tablet case that emphasizes protection. Be sure to:

1) Include Sketches/Renderings/Mockups of your solution (Paper or 3D/digital are both acceptable)
2) Explain the rationale behind your new design and why it would be superior to alternatives currently offered today
3) Make sure your solutions follows the criteria below.

- Be truly “universal,” accommodating a variety of tablet dimensions (tablets’ x, y and z dimensions vary 10-20% between devices). Focus on the exploration of attachment “mechanisms” that can address these size differences
- Offer more protection of tablet corners and edges than existing “universal” cases
- Allow for easy access to the broad variety of inputs/outputs (camera, mic, buttons and other ports all vary across tablets)
- Make sure to avoid basic elastic corner straps, and overly complex mechanisms (i.e. ratcheted, or anything requiring screws), as they add bulk and cost.

Disclaimer: Your submission of a Solution to this Challenge constitutes your agreement that you are the owner of the submitted Solution and that you are legally free to make the disclosure and to convey all intellectual property rights relating to the Solution. Additionally, by submitting a Solution to this Challenge, you agree to grant and hereby grant to Targus Group International, Inc. ("Targus") any and all intellectual property rights contained in the Solution, and understand that the Solution may be used by Targus as it sees fit.

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