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Identify reactions requiring high basicity and what their applications are
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39 months ago
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ATTENTION: Solvers who submit by the halfway point  will receive feedback on their submission with the opportunity to update it.

As the world’s leading producer of alkoxides, Evonik’s Functional Solutions business line offers different grades of sodium and potassium methylates and ethylates. True to our vision: “We are the creators of new functional solutions”, our scientific curiosity and technical expertise constantly drives us to explore new application areas and markets where alkoxides could provide a benefit over conventional bases and base catalysts. 

Alkoxides are highly basic chemicals with strong nucleophilicity (where a nucleophile attacks an atom to form a chemical bond). These characteristics make them perfect candidates to carry out base catalysis in a multitude of reactions some of which include the production of margarine, fragrances, active ingredients in pharmaceuticals, food packaging, recycling of polymer wastes, etc.

What we are trying to explore and inviting you to explore with us are chemical reactions and applications that require a highly basic environment. We encourage you take this idea even further to investigat