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How can we make the home buying process less of a pain?
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42 months ago
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Today, home buying is a process full of worry, anxiety, and paperwork. From finding a trustworthy realtor and just the right house in the right area to negotiating and closing, home buying is a long and tedious process. 

We want to make the home buying process a better experience. Buying a home should be a rewarding process that you look back on fondly, not something that gives you nightmares for years. 


Tell us how to make the home buying process better. Specifically, provide detailed answers for the following questions:

  1. If you didn't have to follow the traditional home buying path, how would you make it a better buying process? Please elaborate.
  2. How can we make the home buying process more similar to the easy and seamless purchasing process from Amazon or reserving a home on AirBnB?

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