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How can we motivate an entire household to bank together?
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6 months ago
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When it comes to banking, we often turn to our loved ones for trusted advice. "Who do you bank with?" "Where should I set up my first account?"

But over time, family dynamics change and individuals may splinter off in different directions - trusting their finances with a variety of banking or financial institutions. 

We want to figure out a way to encourage entire households to bank together. Households may look different from family to family - moms, dads, young children, older children, grandparents, etc.). Our goal is to make the entire household feel supported and confident banking as a unit. 

We want to hear your ideas! We want to understand what would encourage or incentivize all members of a household to bank together. What benefits, features, products, programs (and so on), would motivate a household to bank together?

Feel free to get creative! Don't limit yourself when coming up with a solution. We want to hear anything you think would realistically appeal to households.