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How can light manipulation transform skin care?
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Perfect skin is something that most people wouldn’t turn down, and the growing number of new skin care products is reflective of how important this is to consumers. One of these areas of new product development uses light manipulation technology to render perfect skin. Light manipulation technology has been a focus of research in other industries, for example in the military for invisibility cloaking. However, this new technology is still in the early stages of development for skin care.


Propose how light manipulation technology can be translated to a cosmetic/skin care product for perfect skin. Be sure to specify the following:

1) Specify what about your idea is better than current alternatives, and explain how it works

2) Who do you think would be the ideal customer for your new product? Why?

3) Using the attached template as a guide, create an advertisement that provides an image of the product as well as benefits of the product to the consumer. Don’t worry if you are not artistic, submi