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How can we best connect various field sales agents & agencies to HQ?
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51 months ago
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We sell insurance and financial services and products through sales professionals that operate independently in the field. There are thousands of employees and individuals working directly for our organization and contracted through agencies. Depending on how long they’ve worked with us, what sales targets they’ve met, and other factors, different employees receive different levels of support from contacts at our company

To decide who gets what level of support contacts, we currently maintain large and cumbersome spreadsheets that we update manually on a monthly basis. Even more time-consuming is that we must manually send custom contact lists (as .PDF or email text) to the individuals we're tracking in excel. Our goal is to automate or semi-automate the process of getting the right contact info to the right sales individuals. How can we achieve this goal?

Update 12/19: We've added an FAQ question with more d