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How can we find the top tutors, teachers and instructors on your campus?
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64 months ago
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Elite Instructors is creating a new way for tutors, trainers, instructors, teachers, and anyone with skills to share to connect with students or learners. Our mobile app allows users to select any topics of interest such as foreign languages, music, math, exam prep, sports, etc. and book an in-person instruction session with a quality tutor at the convenience and comfort of their own home and schedule.

We want college campuses and towns to be our biggest success story for a few reasons:

- College students are active learners and well educated. This means you are likely to have a great set of skills, and and understanding of how to share them.

- Our app lets you make your own schedule, so you can work in tutoring sessions around your classes.

- Our app is simple to use- you can sign up and start getting paid from your phone (tutoring sessions are in person!) without extensive interviews or other hassles.