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How can we get members to take advantage of primary care benefits?
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49 months ago
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One of the most important aspects of preventive health care is ensuring consumers choose a family physician or primary care provider (PCP). Participating in preventive visits with a PCP is free, but consumers who buy their own insurance (not through an employer) are difficult to reach, and they don’t typically enjoy speaking to their insurance company or going to the doctor. If health insurance companies can figure out how to get these consumers to take advantage of their insurance benefits for preventive visits, it will end up offering better results for the individual, public health, and insurers too.


Propose a plan to compel people who buy their own insurance to see the doctor for annual wellness visits. Specifically address the following::

  1. What avenues or methodologies should insurer companies use to contact individuals about preventive wellness visits? Why do you think your proposed means would be better received than a phone call?
  2. What messaging should be use