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How can we improve tampon strings?
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61 months ago
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Women have used tampons during menstruation for thousands of years. The modern version of the product featuring an applicator tube and string for removal was first brought to market in 1860. One of the most important features, the tampon string, has always functioned to aid in removal. Here’s what we’ve heard from consumers about the string:

- The string is a signal/indicator to change the tampon.

- Users want to avoid touching a soiled string.

- The string is a back-up for leakage protection.

- Users want to avoid any fluid reaching their backup or clothing.

- The string is the lifeline to the tampon, but handling the string makes consumers feel dirty/self conscious.

- The material quality and integrity of the string is an indicator of tampon performance and quality.

We want to improve the tampon string experience to maintain the positive qualities of its usage as an indicator, and avoid the pitfalls of the string being unpleasant to touch or leading to potential leaking. We’re also open to any other idea