How can we improve tampon strings?
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Women have used tampons during menstruation for thousands of years. The modern version of the product featuring an applicator tube and string for removal was first brought to market in 1860. One of the most important features, the tampon string, has always functioned to aid in removal. Here’s what we’ve heard from consumers about the string:

- The string is a signal/indicator to change the tampon.
- Users want to avoid touching a soiled string.
- The string is a back-up for leakage protection.
- Users want to avoid any fluid reaching their backup or clothing.
- The string is the lifeline to the tampon, but handling the string makes consumers feel dirty/self conscious.
- The material quality and integrity of the string is an indicator of tampon performance and quality.
We want to improve the tampon string experience to maintain the positive qualities of its usage as an indicator, and avoid the pitfalls of the string being unpleasant to touch or leading to potential leaking. We’re also open to any other ideas to improve the string in anyway. Let us know what you think!


Propose a way to improve tampon strings:

1. What is your idea to improve tampon strings?
2. How does your idea improve the experience of tampon use or reduce a negative factor associated with tampon strings? See details below.
3. Let us know at least 1-2 sentences of your thoughts about tampon strings in general.
4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that support your idea.

Deliverable #2 details:

- If applicable, state which item(s) of the "what we've heard from consumers" section at the top of the page your solution applies to.
- What actual problem or frustration with tampons does this solve? Describe in detail.
- What stages of tampon use create problems pertaining to the strings?
- How will the user be impacted physically or emotionally by your idea?
- How would an applicator tampon user interact with your idea and how would be intuitive to use?

Things to consider:

- Wow factor! We’re looking for truly unique and original ideas, we want to innovate the way tampons are made forever.
- Share your thoughts! We’re giving out way more honorable mention rewards for anyone that shares an idea, so submit if you have any thoughts on the topic!
- Get scientific! Your idea can include chemical sensitivity factors and other advanced concepts, don't be afraid to try something bold.

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