Create a product that removes the need to dust around the house
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17 months ago

Household dusting is an endless cycle and major nuisance for everyone – it seems like instead of removing dust, it just moves from surface to surface.

Many of today's modern dust prevention and protection methods are ineffective, and some surfaces in the home are almost impossible to dust (e.g. baseboards, where the dust seems to stick and cloths get stuck in uneven textures/surfaces).

We want to eliminate or minimize the need to dust around the house, what do you think is the best way to do it?


Propose a solution that eliminates or minimizes the need to dust around the home:

1. What is your dust solution/product idea?
2. How does it minimize the need to dust around the house?
3. What existing technologies from other industries can be used to bring this product to life?
4. (optional) Charts, mock-ups, drawings, images or any visuals that better explain your idea


- Don't be afraid to get creative! We're looking for completely new and unique ideas.

- If your idea is technically complex, go into detail to explain exactly how it works!

- Preference will be given to ideas that have a cost-effective manufacturing process

- Solutions need to be safe for use in the home and around pets and children

- Avoid ideas that have already been filed under US patents

Disclaimer: By submitting a solution, you represent that no university resources, including lab equipment, machinery, or research devices were used in creating your solution

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