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How could vehicle connectivity save time/money?
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72 months ago
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Connectivity in vehicles is increasing, with connected features ranging from automated monitoring and reporting of emergency situations (accidents, flat tires, etc.) to active management of maintenance, driver behavior, and logistics.

The value is of these new connected vehicle features is created by improving return on investment to vehicle owners by improving things like driver/fuel efficiency, driver safety, and real-time predictive vehicle maintenance. An existing example would be a connected device on the vehicle that can read engine failure codes and successfully interpret the information to suggest a recommended course of action to the driver.

We are looking for unmet needs that customers are willing to pay for when it comes to the connectivity of their vehicle. The goal is a solution for a connected feature that might save time, money, or improve vehicle/driver efficiency. However, we do NOT want solutions meant to provide entertainment or non-vehicle information to drivers (ex. music, video, weather information, GPS, etc.)


/!\ ALERT: Do not suggest "infotainment" ideas! /!\

/!\ DOUBLE ALERT: Please do a short search online to make sure your ideas are not already available options. /!\

Please complete the following:

1) Identify an unmet need where vehicle connectivity would increase the return on investment for a driver, even if it meant paying more when the vehicle was purchased.

2) Explain the solution you would create to solve the unmet need described in part 1. How does your solution generate value for the driver, and does the value come in the short or long term?

3) If applicable, attach a sketch/design showing how your solution/device might be installed on the vehicle.

Criteria: Remember, we do NOT want solutions related to driver entertainment. It's more about maximizing the value of the vehicle itself, as this solution would be used in commercial settings (ex. construction trucks, fleets of vehicles) as opposed to consumer-focused vehicles.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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