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How do you learn and become more knowledgeable?
business design of experiments
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55 months ago
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We learn new things every day from everyone around us and all available resources. As we accumulate new information and attempt to use it, we become better experts. Purposefully managing this process is equally important practice for individuals and organizations. Individuals tend to manage knowledge without thinking of it, but it's more difficult for large organizations. They need to figure out systems and approaches to help all employees become their best by sharing, using and building upon the collective information they all know. We are looking for your help in designing such systems.

Note: This is for food research & development scientists and engineers that work in the offices, labs and manufacturing plants. Open office space is not feasible.


Help us improve our organization's approach to knowledge management by answering the following questions with detailed responses: 

  1. How can we encourage company employees to regularly share information about the work they do and the things they learn using knowledge management platforms?
  2. What tools do you use to manage information and projects? What tools (e.g., SharePoint or WiKi) have been useful to you when working on collaborative projects?