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What is the ideal ad experience within video?
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58 months ago
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Until relatively recently, live, broadcasted television programming dominated almost all video content consumed by viewers. Today, video can be streamed via services like Netflix and Hulu and on user generated content hubs such as YouTube and Vimeo, or downloaded legally and illegally in addition to traditional satellite and cable television packages. Viewers can watch on phones, tablets, projectors, laptops and even 3D and 4K TVs.

Advertising helps pay for a portion of the tremendous costs it takes to make quality programming. However advertising is struggling to keep up with the advancements in technologies and mediums in which video content is viewed. As technological advancements continue to create new ways to consume video, how can advertising fit into these new video experiences without being obtrusive?

Your submission should tell us how you currently consume video content, what's wrong with ads currently, and a creative new way present ad content in a way that isn't painful.