How would you make our website stand out from the crowd?
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We live in a digital information age where anyone with an Internet connection can access an endless amount of content with the click of a mouse. This openness and accessibility of information makes it imperative for businesses to have a website that shows differentiation from competitors and accurately portrays the culture and values of the company.

At Jackson National, we want to revamp our website to achieve the following:

1 Stand out from competitors who all have websites that look the same

2) Clearly articulate Jackson National’s value to potential customers who browse the website

3) Give any visitor a clear idea of our identity and corporate values.


Take a look at the Jackson National website and complete the following:

1) How would you organize/design our website to:

- Clearly differentiate us from the websites of competitors (explain the differentiation)

- Make it easy to understand Jackson’s value proposition to visitors

- Strongly convey our corporate identity and values

2) Explain how your solution improves upon our current website. What makes it a better experience for the website visitor?

3) Feel free to attach a sketch or mockup showing how you would organize our website as described in your solution if it will help the strength of your solution.


1) To help you better understand Jackson National’s identity, review our six core values stressed to our employees (see attached)

2) Remember that your solution should also be intuitive and easy to navigate for website visitors.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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