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How would you make the Valley Fresh Steamer product?
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Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers is a line of microwavable sauced vegetables packaged in a steam-able standup bag.

Many years of R&D have resulted in this very successful and delicious offering, but now we are left to wonder what other scientists and engineers would have done to develop this same product.


If you were tasked with creating a microwavable sauced vegetable offering, how would YOU make it? More specifically, we’d like you to answer the question - how would you deliver sauce to frozen vegetables in a steam-able standup bag during the production and packaging process? Feel free to be creative in your answers, but focus on simplicity and feasibility.

Tips & Suggestions:

Avoid thawing the vegetables during packaging (hint: Pumping hot sauce onto frozen vegetables will indeed melt the vegetables). If thawing vegetables is a must for your solution, the vegetables can't be thawed for more than a few seconds and must be quickly refrozen.

The steam-able standup bag is a constant. Remember, the question we are asking is how you would deliver sauce to frozen vegetables in a steam-able standup bag, so that the final product can be microwaved with the sauce and veggies already mixed.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity