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Imagine new use cases where car and home work together
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77 months ago
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The internet of things is expected to connect 28 billion ‘things’ by 2020. The connected car as well as the connected home will be two of the key areas with high impact. Mercedes-Benz has some of the most advanced connected vehicles on the market and could, at any given time, collect hundreds of data points about the car, the driver, and the context / surroundings. This variety of unique data, if connected with the driver’s home, could enable dozens of new services and use cases.


Look at your car and home – what are some of the things you wish your car knew about your home, or what things do you wish your car could control at your home? Or, possibly the other way around, what information about the car would be valuable to your home? Where does the car’s data have a clear advantage over the smartphone? Can you think of use cases where using the in-car controls are advantageous, superior, or provide more ease of use than executing a similar task on a s