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Help us create a rich and unique product experience for Alco-Bev brands in India
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7 months ago
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The alcoholic beverage industry in India is unique in that it is a dark market, so Alco-Bev brands are not permitted to directly advertise to consumers. Additionally, post-pandemic, Indian consumers have widely adopted a digital way of life, so promotional dollars have subsequently shifted to a more technology-oriented approach.

With the direct advertising restrictions in mind, we are looking for a 360-degree promotional activation to reach our consumers in the Indian market. A 360-approach should be a full-circle, interactive and engaging journey to increase brand loyalty and provide a rich customer experience. 

Examples of components might be a gamification piece, augmented reality, a unique rewards program, chatbot, AI, on-premise flyers and posters, a QR code on the bottle or package that leads to a social media page, etc. that interact with each other to create a brand journey.

  1. Propose a 360-degree, cross-channel campaign that will promote engagement and brand loyalty among consumers for an Alco-Bev brand in India.
    1. Ideally, this would incorporate some sort of unique rewards system to compel customers to interact with our brand.
    2. Cross-channel could include social media, OTT and mobile networks, off-premise (in-person store purchases), packaging, etc.
  2. Specifically, how will consumers engage with your proposed idea?
    1. Imagine the customer journey from first becoming aware of a brand all the way through to a purchase, and thereafter. 
    2. What are the steps or actions a customer might take to engage with the different pieces of your proposal?
    3. How will rewards accumulate and be redeemed? What might the rewards consist of?
  3. (Optional) If it will strengthen your submission, feel free to attach an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, design, etc.) of your idea(s) and how a consumer might interact with it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Indian age restrictions on alcohol purchases are 21+ and 25+
  • A rewards system should be chance-based and interactive.
  • Technology choice should not ask consumers to download an exclusive app for a richer experience.
  • Bear in mind that a trade / an off-premises outlet where users go and buy alcohol is not equipped with a modern tech stack including Wi-Fi. We invite solutions to be mobile-centric that the consumer holds. For promotions, posters/flyers placements are available.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $500
Next 15%
will share $200
Next 25%
will share $100
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$62.50 D
$62.50 A Bangalore Institute of technology
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$62.50 R
$62.50 M
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$62.50 J
$15.40 A Presidency University
$15.40 Square pic 60 img 20171203 223404 Sambalpur University
$15.40 Square pic 60 received 1039378296072825 Amity University
$15.40 C
$15.40 R
$15.40 P Oral Roberts University
$15.40 C SPJIMR, Mumbai
$15.40 N Manipal University
$15.40 Square pic 60 img20190108124848 Manipal University
$15.40 S Indian Institute of Management - Indore
$15.40 Square pic 60 wp 20140415 004 Delhi University
$15.40 Square pic 60 img 20181008 wa0034 University of Cape Coast
$15.40 A
$5.00 Square pic 60 airbrush 20200116143828 BFUHS
$5.00 P RMIT University
$5.00 N New York University
$5.00 R
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$5.00 E California University of Pennsylvania
$5.00 Square pic 60 chelsea wvusc5m tm8 unsplash University of California, Berkeley
$5.00 G JKUAT
$5.00 Square pic 60 img 20201117 123037 384 Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow