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Can you design a rapidly deployed inflatable scaffold system?
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49 months ago
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Scaffolding, the temporary structure used by construction crews during the process of building or repairing a structure, is a necessary part of modern engineering. However, traditional scaffolding is heavy and time-intensive to set up. We believe that inflatable scaffolding is a real possibility in the near future, and that it can be cheaper, quicker, and safer than the current industry standard.

Solutions will be awarded points for each of the following criteria that are addressed.

  • Must fit through a 2’ x 3’ opening
  • Working platform height of 15 feet
  • Construction should be modularized in order to create different/custom shapes.
  • A deflated module should be able to be connected to the existing inflatable scaffold and become inflated
  • An inflated module should be able to be removed from the assembly without impacting the rest of the scaffold
  • Must be able to support a working load of 1000 lbs.
  • Can be assembled, inflated, deflated, and disassembled and moved to each work location by 2 people.
  • Can have sharp/heavy construction tools and materials dropped on it without p