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INTER is a digital magazine dedicated to sharing the stories and ideas from young people of diverse religious faiths and traditions. We want to know if the stories published on INTER have an impact on college student’s attitudes towards religion in public life and whether or not these stories increase readers’ respect for the storytellers themselves. Help us by reading the pieces below, then answer a few questions to reflect on how the pieces affected you.

Your reading choices are:

- "People to People," by Casey Jones. Hear Casey's call to Christians to confront their differences after a Trump election.

- "Standing Rock: Here for a Reason," by Taylor Gould. Taylor joins a group of Christian faith leaders gathered to defend sacred land against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

- "Reclaiming America's Promise," by Jenan Mohajir. Jenan, a Muslim immigrant, asks for cooperation and healing after enduring fear and hate.

- "Far from Invisible," by Amira Alsareinye. Feel the tension of Amira, a Muslim student, as she nervously presents Islam to a classroom of outsiders.

- "The First Hasidic Woman Elected to Public Office in the U.S. Started Work This Week," by Ruth Graham.


Read one of the articles from INTER digital magazine and submit your answers to the form below. Then, complete three short answer questions and submit your MindSumo answers.

  1. What did you realize you had in common with the author?
  2. What are some ideas or solutions to social problems that you took away from the reading?
  3. Were there any other big takeaways from the piece that you found important?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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