How can we sell more spirits in casual dining restaurants?

Brown-Forman is one of America's largest spirit companies, with a broad portfolio of spirits that stretch from whiskeys, scotches, tequilas, vodkas, liqueurs, and wines. Just a few of their popular brands include Jack Daniel's, Woodford Reserve, El Jimador, Finlandia, and Chambord.

Brown-Forman works with a number of large national casual dining restaurants who sell their products. These restaurants include Buffalo Wild Wings, Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Chili's, Applebee's, and other similar chains. We are hoping to figure out ways to get consumers to purchase more spirit drinks at these kinds of locations.

Currently, many consumers only purchase one spirit-based drink at these types of restaurants before switching to beer or wine. Brown-Forman wants creative ideas that would change consumer behavior to get them to buy more spirits when they are at these kinds of restaurants.

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Help us understand how we can increase sales of spirits in casual dining restaurants like those listed above. Specifically, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you go to national casual dining restaurants like those listed above? If so, which ones, and do you order spirit drinks while there? If you don't order a spirit there, why not?

  2. What would convince consumers to have a second spirit drink instead of switching to beer or wine? Why do you think people tend to switch?

  3. How would you craft a marketing campaign to drive more spirit purchases?

- Solvers must be 21+
- Any ideas that utilize partnerships or digital tools must be able to be age-restricted to 21+ (ex. If there was a coupon through Yelp, it could only be available to 21+ consumers)

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