Use car and environmental data to improve life
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Transportation of all types (vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes) produce a vast amount of data – about the current journey (location, progress, destination), on-board conditions (engine loading, wheel speed, g-forces) or the context (ultrasonics, cameras, sensors), to name a few. Patterns such as common routes or driving/cycling style can be identified relatively easily from these datasets.

Even more powerful is the prospect of combining vehicle/cycle data with real-time and historic data from the surrounding environment. This could include things like weather, parking, energy consumption, public transport, road conditions, people nearby, population density, or even the line at the local supermarket. Having access to current conditions as well as historic conditions provides a huge opportunity to improve driver/cyclist decision-making and efficiency.


Your goal is to imagine a scenario where life is dramatically improved by the combination of vehicle/cycle data and environmental data. The outcome could lead to improvements in:

- Driver/cyclist experience

- Multi-modal journey decision making

- City management and decision making

- Transport management and decision making

- Air quality, safety, or many other exciting areas

Describe the "Information System" that results in one of these dramatic improvements.

1. What vehicle/cycle data would you need?

2. What environmental data would you need?

3. How would you combine this data to draw useful conclusions?

4. How would the conclusions you draw from your data improve everyday life (not just traffic and mapping)?

Use storyboards, sketches, mockups, or powerpoint PDFs to bring your ideas to life and include as much technical details as possible.

Criteria: Top ideas will propose unique applications of data (with worked examples of technical solutions), that result in a quantified outcome that is positive and frequently experienced.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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