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Increase Literacy Citywide
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51 months ago
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In the US there are more than 36 million adults who read below a third-grade level. These adults are twice as likely to be unemployed, despite being eager to compete in the 21st century job market. Many mayors recognize the fact that boosting literacy early on is key towards improving outcomes in their community – from academic success to workforce development; from improved health outcomes to reduced crime.

We would like to help mayors address the issue in the earliest years, beginning at birth. We currently provide city leaders with materials and services that help them launch citywide literacy initiatives. Our challenge now is to extend the reach and impact of early literacy campaigns by increasing motivation through game theory and other methods of engagement.


Read our Milestones of Early Literacy propose a plan to motivate families and give them resources to help their children aged 0-8 achieve these milestones.

1. What motivational tools, app or game will you create to help families help their children learn to read?

2. How will the mayor build awareness for the literacy initiative and engage as many young readers and their caregivers as possible?