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Make a creative theme for our upcoming goals
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60 months ago
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Every five years our business sets company-wide goals and uses a theme to drive awareness, help our employees remember the goals, and build excitement.

Five years ago we announced three lofty goals and used the NFL Super Bowl as our theme. Each quarter was a new “game” and the 5 years was our “season” leading to the Super Bowl. We extended the analogy to every conversation about these goals. For example, our team got a win on our record each quarter the goals were reached.


We’re looking for a new theme for the next five years and need your help! Remember, this theme will be used in places like our weekly team meetings, quarterly newsletter, our annual party, the home page of our intranet site, and our communications with our branches.

1. What is your theme?

2. Why is it a good theme for our corporate goals? Give 1-2 examples of goal related analogies you could make with your theme.

3. How could your theme adapt and evolve through the years? (see criteria below)

4. How would you communicate updates and keep employees engaged with this theme?

(mediums could be written/video commu