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Make TV and video awesome for college students
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71 months ago
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The company in question provides broadcast satellite television service to households across the United States. Their vision is to provide the best video entertainment experience anytime and anywhere for customers, and providing the most compelling video experience both inside and outside the home. However, young consumers have shown a desire for new and innovative viewing experiences, incorporating features and services traditional providers would never have considered only a few years ago.


Please include the following in your challenge solution:

One idea for a product, service, or feature that creates a compelling video experience for students. Consider how these areas impact the video watching experience:

(1) Discovery - becoming aware of video content

(2) Routine and lifestyle - the role of people, place, and time in what you watch

(3) Uses of content - as background noise, distraction, passing time, or bonding

(4) Describe, in text and/or illustrations, how a user would interact with your proposed feature

Explain how your proposed feature could be implemented, and why it would be compelling for college students. What existing problems would it solve?

Do not hesitate to include big ideas for new products!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria: