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Eliminate plastic bottles in hotel bathrooms
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75 months ago
Small pic dispensers

Each year, over 100 million little plastic bottles are used for bathroom amenities in Marriott properties. Though "luxurious" and sanitary, this is a huge waste of resources. The company is determined to lead the charge in the hospitality industry to reduce this type of waste.


Propose a dispenser of bathroom products (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) that is aesthetically pleasing, serviceable by room attendants, and user-friendly. Make sure to include:

1) Description of how your dispenser works (motion, levers, triggers, etc)

2) Visuals that to supplement your description (rough sketch or mockup)


Avoid proposing soap dispensers like you would find in a public restroom. We'd like to stay away from anything that feels industrial.

Note: If your dispenser is ideally located in the sink area or in the bath/shower, feel free to focus on a single use-case.