How can connected tech ensure patients adhere to their prescriptions?
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The context: Modern medicine has lead to the creation of treatments that would’ve never before been thought possible.

The problem:These medications need to be used properly in order to be effective and many patients, as much as half, do not take their medication as prescribed. Patients need to both take their medicines the way they’ve been asked to (only on an empty stomach, one pill a day, etc.) and also for the entire duration of the prescription (one pill a day for 3 weeks, etc.).

This challenge: Modern technologies allow us to record, share, and manipulate data in incredible new ways. Especially those we consider "connected" technologies How can we combine these technologies with medications to ensure patients take their medications properly?

Medication adherence

Propose a way to use connected technologies to ensure patients adhere to their prescriptions:

1. What is your system or technology to ensure patients adhere to their prescriptions?
2. How does your system support patients in taking a given medication the way they are supposed to and completing the entire prescription?
3. How will you incentivize patients to use this system (leveraging gamification, behavior modification techniques, etc.)?
4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that show your device/app/solution/ecosystem/technology


What is a connected technology? An electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks using Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc., that can operate to some extent interactively and on its own. Examples include NEST thermostats; smart TVs; majority of car keys today do not require insertion into the ignition.

An example solution: For a patient suffering from a condition that is exacerbated by poor sleep, a great solution is a pill bottle that connects to your FitBit, sees that you missed a dose of your medication, connects it to the fact that your FitBit recorded a night of poor sleep, highlighting that your symptoms might be amplified as a result and reminds you to put your medication by your bed.

Things to consider:

- Your connected technology system should ensure patients take medication in the proper dose, in the proper way, and take their entire course of medication.
- Your solution can apply to a way to take certain medicines, or ensure certain types of adherence, or cover all types of medications and ensure complete adherence.

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