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How can we create the mobile grocery store of the future with the freshest ingredients?
Challenge Type: ideation
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58 days ago

CrowdSparx is an open innovation pipeline for a consumer packaged goods company seeking to provide the highest quality products and experiences.

We are embarking on an exciting project to engineer a mobile grocery store that seamlessly integrates convenience, fresh grocery offerings, and valuable customer insights. Drawing inspiration from pioneering combinations in the retail industry, where technology converges with mobile convenience stores offering fresh food, we are enthusiastic about gathering your expertise and insights to create the convenient grocery solution of the future!

The goal is to design and develop a mobile grocery store that not only caters to the convenience needs of customers but also offers a diverse range of fresh and high-quality grocery items. Additionally, we aim to incorporate advanced customer insights mechanisms for a personalized and engaging shopping experience.

  1. Please describe in detail your idea of a mobile grocery store that provides the ultimate experience in conveniencePlease include drawings, mockups, or renderings:

    • How does your idea solve for the issue of providing ultimate customer convenience?
  2. What markets do you believe would be the most impacted by a mobile grocery store and why?

    • What pain points in these markets will the mobile grocery store need to accommodate to maximize customer usage?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 5%
will share $1,000
Next 7.5%
will share $400
Next 12.5%
will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$125.00 Okpamen Obasogie Landmark University
$125.00 Pavani Nakka University College of Engineering
$125.00 ERIKA FERNANDES Mumbai
$125.00 Shivani Tomar H N B garhwal
$125.00 Deepak N
$125.00 Lisa Buccafus University of Colorado
$125.00 Shweta Tomar Unversity of Florida
$125.00 Harikesh Sharma
$33.40 JOSHUA KILEGA Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
$33.40 Nermeen Elassasy
$33.40 Yaxin Li University of California at Berkeley
$33.40 Buyondo Boaz Ndejje University
$33.40 Karen Miller West Virginia University
$33.40 Diksha Verma
$33.40 Allan Christopher Puri Far Eastern University
$33.40 Reena Reetha Job
$33.40 Ashish YADAV GGSIPU ,India
$33.40 Shanny K McGill University
$33.40 ALMIRA COLLADO Trinity College
$33.40 Ericson Godfrey University of Jos, Nigeria
$10.60 Chris Manecci
$10.60 Chibuike Njokunshi University of Nigeria, Nsukka
$10.60 Juliet Martin
$10.60 Edward Owino
$10.60 Natalie Rose
$10.60 Godwin Uwakwe Texas A & M University - Commerce
$10.60 Taponitya Samantaray University of Hyderabad
$10.60 Nirmal Suthar
$10.60 Jessie Jahns
$10.60 Rovan Jeef Fabugais
$10.60 Martie Ortiz
$10.60 Jamie Willcocks
$10.60 Sara Bernat Humboldt Universitat
$10.60 Rita Yip University of Auckland
$10.60 Dominik Gregurek Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek
$10.60 Basil Hubbard Harvard University
$10.60 Sanskriti Singh