Mock up an elegant to-do list application

Jennifer is an art student in college. She’s tried task management applications, but dislikes the rigidity of their UIs and is bored by their lack of creativity. She is an artistic person, but she’s also very busy, and finds herself context-switching a lot. She wants a canvas on which she can quickly record things she needs to take care of, without being distracted by an intrusive UI. She wants advanced organizational features sometimes, but most of the time she’s looking for simplicity and elegance.

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Submit mockups of your own to-do list desktop application that will fill Jennifer’s needs. Include descriptive comments which explain how your designs are meant to work. State any assumptions you make or thoughts you had.

Make sure that your application stays simple, but can still support many distinct operations. There are a lot of things people do – set due dates, show progress, share with others, etc. Make sure your descriptive comments explain how your program will support these operations without sacrificing simplicity.

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