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Utilize narrow spaces in kitchen cabinetry
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67 months ago
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Kitchen remodels have shown to be a lucrative investment in markets all over the world. Upgrading a kitchen can not only improve quality of life for home residents, but also increase property values. With all sorts of buildings new and old, there are many tricks, techniques, and tools being utilized to maximize the potential of kitchen spaces.

One of the conflicts encountered when remodeling kitchens in homes new and old is the utilization of narrow spaces. Sometimes a design will leave just a small space between a cabinet run and a wall. What is the best way to utilize these small, narrow spaces?


Propose a creative use for narrow cabinet spaces:

1. What is your use for a narrow cabinet space measuring? (Click here for narrow cabinet sizing examples)

2. Why is this the best use of a narrow space?

3. (optional) sketches, CAD renderings, drawings, mock-ups, charts, graphs