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Propose a crazy new naturals-focused skin cleansing product
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55 months ago
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We make personal care products, which includes all things skin cleansing. An area we are excited to explore is “Naturals” focused skin cleansing, or skin cleansing solutions that unlock the power of nature to naturally boost skin health and take a more holistic approach to skin cleansing. Two key examples of naturals focused skin cleansing products are below:

Aesop fabulous facial cleanser: Olive oil and aloe vera based; packed with intelligently sourced ingredients like the calming Roman Chamomile Oil and the rejuvenating and cleansing Rosemary Leaf.

OY! (Organic Young): Foaming clear skin face wash, organic/vegan, contains willow bark to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

Here are some key terms that embody naturals: Energised, locally sourced, sustainable, brightness, holistic, rejuvenation.

We are looking for crazy, outside the box and unique ideas for skin cleansing products that fall into these categories or another one you propose in the biology space?