Propose a crazy new biology-based skin cleansing product
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We make personal care products, which includes all things skin cleansing. An area we are excited to explore is “Biology” focused skin cleansing, or skin cleansing solutions that correct, rebalance or enhance the body's natural biology to improve the health & appearance of skin. Two key examples of biology focused skin cleansing with products are below:

Transformational Biology: Active ingredients and products that can help enhance and transform the skin’s physical biology without the need for plastic surgery, invasive treatments or medication. Examples include the Hair Removal Laser 4x which permanently disables hair folicles or Lipfusion XL, a non-injection lip plumping therapythat uses active collagen and hyraluronic acid.

Microbiomes: There are products that help feed good bacteria in the gut, future consumers will be switched onto the fact that our skin needs good bacteria to be healthy too. An example includes which restore and maintain good bacteria on the skin through AOB bacteria.

We are looking for crazy, outside the box and unique ideas for skin cleansing products that fall into these categories or another one you propose in the biology space?


For this challenge, think BIOLOGICAL, SCIENTIFIC, GENETIC. Please also solve our other challenge with NATURE, ORGANIC, RAW, ideas.

Propose a crazy new biology-based skin cleansing product for MEN or WOMEN:

1. Add “MensBiology” or “WomensBiology” to the top of your submission as a tag we will use to sort submissions.

2. What is your crazy new skin cleansing product and how does it work?

3. What elements of your skin cleansing product make it fall into the “biology” space?

4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, advertisements or any other visuals that better illustrate your thoughts

As of 9/14 we are most interested in WOMEN'S products but all ideas are welcome.

Bonus: Repeat the challenge for more than one product (be sure to use a tag from deliverable 1 for each product).

Things to consider:

- Solve quick! This is a short run challenge, so get your submission in ASAP. Early submissions will get extra consideration.

- Get outside the box! We’re looking for crazy, awesome new ideas to propose to focus groups, so whacky new concepts are encouraged.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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