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What is a creative and fun way to learn new skills?
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55 months ago
Small pic customer training

At Guardian, we train many, many employees. To do so we use some of the following techniques as well as others:

- Short format video trainings

- Written quick reference cards

- How-to guides with step by step instructions and screenshots

- Lengthy guides for detail-oriented learners

- In-person training sessions pre or post work

Many of these approaches work great to get employees up to speed, but we’re always looking to innovate and improve our processes. Are there awesome new learning technologies or techniques we can put in place to better train our employees? Let us know!

The best submissions for this challenge will provide novel, fun, interesting ways to train our new employees in a way that they will enjoy and will lead to them remembering what they learned.


Read the practices we already employ above, then propose a NEW technique we can add to our arsenal to train employees:

1. What is your new technique to train employees and learn skills?

2. What makes this technique more effective than our existing practices?

3. Why will our employees enjoy your technique more than our existing practices?

4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that better illustrate your thoughts