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Take the hassle out of sunscreen application
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72 months ago
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Sunscreen is a modern marvel, helping people prevent sunburn and multiple types of skin cancer. However, consumers are confused about when and how to effectively apply sunscreen. They want to be protected, but also want to avoid waste and unnecessary hassle. They try to achieve even coverage, but often end up with painful, red spots that eluded their efforts. Sometimes, the application and reapplication process becomes so cumbersome, consumers give up, doomed to look like lobsters.


Propose a product solution that addresses at least one of the following issues with sunscreen usage:

(1) When to reapply sunscreen.

(2) How to ensure even sunscreen coverage without missing spots.

(3) How to make the application and reapplication process faster and more convenient.

In order to fully illustrate the idea, your proposal should include text with diagrams, plus any videos or pictures you deem helpful. Please include:

(1) A description of the actual problem or frustration in detail, along with how your solution addresses the issue.

(2) An explanation of how your idea impacts the user physically and/or emotionally.

(3) An explanation of how your idea helps the user have a better overall experience than allowed by current commercial offerings.