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Can you help us offer tasty, nutrient-dense foods?
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19 months ago
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Over the past few years, we've seen consumers increasingly prioritize health and wellness when it comes to their food choices.  They want to recognize and understand the ingredients in the food they buy as well as its nutritional benefits.  It's also important that foods go beyond nutrition: consumers are looking for healthy options that are convenient and tasty, too.

As a food store, we want to offer our shoppers nutrient-dense foods that are delicious, convenient, and marketed in a way that's clear and appealing.  This might mean taking existing foods and making them more nutritionally dense, or it could be offering totally new food ideas that are minimally processed and nutritionally packed. 

We want you to help us bring consumers nutrient-dense food products that they will love.    As you're brainstorming, we especially want you to focus on foods with functional benefits. Functional foods promote optimum health and wellness through key nutrients and benefits.  They don't just meet basic nutritional requirements but actually have a positive impact on your health. For example, you may have seen traditional peanut butter blended with Omega-3 fish oil which helps to prevent heart disease and lowers blood pressure.


We are interested in natural, nutrient-dense food ideas that are tasty, easy to eat, and presented to consumers in an appealing way. 

Please begin by answering the survey questions.  Next, share your nutrient-dense and/or functional food idea by answering the following:

  1. Tell us all about your nutrient-dense food idea!  Be sure to include the following:
    1. What it is, including any major ingredients
    2. How it would be prepared and/or eaten
    3. How many people it would feed and/or an estimate of how many servings it would contain
    4. Where in the grocery store you would expect to find it (ex: frozen section, produce, etc.)
  2. What are the key nutritional and/or functional benefits of your food?
  3. How would you communicate the benefits of your food idea to consumers? What would you focus on?  (think of the label, the name of the food, packaging, etc.)
  4. Why would consumers want to buy your food idea?  Remember we are looking for foods that are tasty and easy to eat.
  5. Would there be anything unique or special about the packaging for your nutrient-dense food idea?  Include a drawing (even a sketch) if it  helps to explain your packaging idea!


  • We are not looking for recipes.  This should be a standalone food product that you would find in a food store.
  • Remember the importance of food ingredients that are recognizable and presented in a way where consumers understand key benefits / nutrients.  
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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