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How can we make our Poise pad packaging better for female consumers?
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47 months ago
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For women with light bladder leakage, pads are a must. However, the need to be discrete and private about pad use is often hampered by the packaging used for Poise pads. Our product is easily identified as a pad when seen, and the opening and application process is noisy and recognizable. For a woman in need of discretion, this can be a debilitating situation that leads to uncomfortable and embarrassing moments. The packaging closest to the pad (called primary packaging) looks bulky and visually unappealing, causing an inconvenience to our consumers when carrying it to the bathroom or storing it in a purse or their home. Finally, the packaging provides no help at disposing of pads discretely.

We think it's time to come up with new packaging for Poise incontinence pads, with innovative packs that have higher consumer appeal. 


Show us your redesign for the packaging around Poise incontinence pads. In your response, include detailed answers to the