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How would you customize/personalize your skincare experience?
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26 months ago
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In the era of connected consumers, delivery of personalized experiences are essential. Our company, a world-leading manufacturer of personal care products, predicts that customization/personalization will become important features and trends in the personal care industry. With advances in manufacturing agility and IoT integration, we finally have the ability to take customization/personalization to the consumer. When it comes to skincare specifically, (e.g., face care, body care, and sun care) customization/personalization are key because they let the experience truly be yours, tailored exactly to your needs and wants. 

The extent to which skincare products can be customized/personalized is only limited by your imagination. We are excited to learn how personalizing your skincare experience could enhance your overall experience.


Tell us your idea for customization/personalization in the skincare space (products for face, body, and sun protection). Specifically, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What about the skincare experience, from the