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Next Challenge: Calling All Ranch and Condiment Lovers!
Can you innovate the way we shape kibble, treats, and snacks for pets?
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48 months ago
Small pic dog food for extruder challenge

Our company uses extruders (click on the link) to produce dry dog kibble, treats, and snacks. After a smooth slurry of proteins, water, and other ingredients is pumped through the machine, pressure and heat make it more solid until it reaches the outlet, where it is solid enough to hold its shape but flexible enough to be cut, bended or pressed into.  It becomes completely solid very shortly. There are currently a limited number of shapes we can create and we do not have any surface decorating post-extrusion.

We want creative ideas for how the extruded kibble, treats, and snacks can be made more interesting. Here are some thoughts starters:

  • • Weaving or twisting as the product comes out of the extruder (there could be more than one extruder opening at the end)
  • • Different ways of cutting the product
  • • Coating, coloring, printing and other non-contact decorating of the solidified product
  • . . . and more is open!