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How would you rebuild our post-pandemic economy?
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9 months ago
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The COVID-19 virus has changed virtually everything about how our society and government function. Millions are out of work, unable to attend school in person or are struggling with the disease firsthand.

2020 quickly shifted from a period of sustained economic growth to an economic decline, unlike anything the United States has seen since the Great Depression. The necessary economic recovery will require purposeful policy-making and perhaps some tough decisions on priorities in the years ahead. 

The U.S. government’s response to COVID-19 has generated a massive spike in annual, federal budget deficits and the national debt – over $26 trillion in total debt and growing – but it was a necessary response. What makes this new reality difficult is the path budget deficits were already on, with trillion-dollar deficits projected every year of the next decade and beyond. Up-and-coming generations of Americans will be the ones facing the greatest impact of large increases in the national debt.

Prior to the pandemic, The Concord Coalition worked with others to craft a