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Predict the future of cosmetic products
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It is incredibly difficult to predict the future of an industry and forecast how products, technology, and consumer habits will change over time. This holds true for cosmetics (including skin care + hair care), especially with the wide array of different products and offerings available to the everyday consumer.


5 winners will also receive complimentary gift bags of assorted Avon products.


Choose two specific cosmetic products (can be makeup, skin care, and/or hair care), and describe how you think these products will change in the future. Be sure to specify the following:

1) Articulate how these future products are different than what is currently available.

2) What reasons can you provide to explain the changes to the two products you choose?

3) Who do you think would be the ideal customer for your new product? Why?

4) Using the attached template as a guide, create a mockup of a potential advertisement for one of your future products. Provide an image of the future product as well as benefits of the product to the consumer. Don’t worry if you are not artistic, submissions will not be judged on artistic talent.

**Reminder of Terms**

You agree that in consideration for the opportunity to participate in this Challenge and the possibility to receive a Reward, you hereby assign your ownership of all intellectual property rights, information, and ideas submitted to the Challenge to Avon Products Inc. Your compensation for this assignment is strictly limited to the Reward(s) specified for the Chal